Hiring & Outsourcing Temp Staffing (Industrial Labour Contractor) .

Trimurti Group provides service in processing and maintaining various registers under various labour laws, filing of all the statutory returns, attending periodic inspections, Liaison work with all the departments and computerized salary sheets, etc.

We also provide the services of processing the payroll system very confidential including Leave records monthly & annually, Loan & Advance deduction including outstanding every month, Income Tax monthly deduction Form 16 & 24, etc.

Each employee under Trimurti Group receives an appointment letter at the time of joining and monthly pay slips, which displays the computation of their salaries. Trimurti Group has more than 100 employees under its payroll catering to various clients and classes of industries Highlights of facilities to be provided for your employees on the payrolls of M/s Trimurti Group.:-

  1. Appointment letter along with Annexure informing about their Cost to Company and other details
  2. Zero Balance Bank Account along with ATM/Debit cards.*Conditions apply
  3. Loan facilities from respective bank
  4. PF slips and PF claims to be settled as and when applicable
  5. Provided ESI Insurance Cards for medical benefits under the provisions of the Act for the employee and is family.
  6. Ensure proper entry and exit formalities are carried out as per the law
  7. Provide service certificate letter for the employees leaving after SIX months
  8. And many more.

Our aim is to excel in providing total solutions pertaining to HR domain. We understand the importance of quick service and meeting needs. So if you want us to shoulder your burden of recruitment and payroll management or anyone of the services then please call us upon.