Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is a proven, strategic way to reduce and control operating costs, improve Company focus and gain access to world-class processes. Due to the complexity of modern remuneration structures, there is a need for expert guidance and implementation making Payroll Outsourcing significant and effective.

  1. Management of the entire take-on process and a tax compliance review of payroll
  2. Payroll services for different pay-cycles
  3. In depth review of all variances between current and previous periods payroll data
  4. Comprehensive leave administration as well as accurate monthly calculation of leaves liability
  5. Consolidation of reports across multiple companies
  6. Customized reports in electronic format including reports for statutory payments and Compliances

Service We Offer

At Trimurti Group, While managing the pay-roll for our clients, We consider Monthly Components, Viz Basic Salary, HRA, Books & Education Allowances, Special Allowances, & Deductions including Contribution to EPF, PT, MLWF, ESIC, other voluntary Deductions & Annual Components like Incentives, Bonus, Leave, Annual Encashment, Medical Benefit, Related to each Employee of the Company.
We are Professional pay Roll Manager in India & we offer the Following service under the Head

  1. Salary Structuring with the view to Minimize tax Burden on the Employees & Maximize their take home Salary
  2. Receiving data from our clients, processing the same at our fully automated payroll management System
  3. Generate payroll register in Excel, PDF, Word, and Format
  4. Generate Salary Withheld report
  5. Maintaining Attendance record, Salary Wages Register Leave record etc
  6. Preparation Department wise, Location/Site Wise Salary Sheet
  7. Providing Monthly Salary slip to the Employer through Email
  8. Calculation of Overtime/Special Incentives, Bonus, Leave Encashment,
  9. Preparing arrear sheet
  10. Providing Data for EPF, ESI, MLWF, PT Compliances
  11. Providing data for Full & Final Settlement of Dues to Leaving Employees