We are providing Following Services in Compliances to the Provision of Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952.

  1. Explain the objectives of the Employees Provident Funds and Misc. Provisions Act and Pension Scheme and guide about its applicability and benefits.
  2. If applicable then submit application to obtain establishment code number.
  3. Submit all eligible employees personal and family details by filling various forms such as Form-2, Form-11, Form-13 (revised) hard copies as well as on their website and register them for various benefits under the Scheme.
  4. Arrange and issue individual account number to all such eligible employees covered under scheme and maintain Form 9.
  5. Guide employer as well as employees to get proper benefits available under Scheme
  6. Support to design their compensation structure, deduct their PF contributions and deposit along with employers contributions on monthly basis by challans in State Bank of India on time.
  7. Attend PF Officers visits and remarks and submit the written explanation if any.
  8. Coordinate various matters, other legal matters and represent the clients to PF authorities.
  9. Ensure retirement benefits as well as pension benefits to all eligible members on time.
  10. Ensure timely compliances and smooth working of the clients with ownership concept.
  11. Educate and update the clients with various developments and amendments by providing transparent support.
  12. Submit following returns from time to time:
  13. Various forms and monthly as well as yearly returns such as: Form 5, 10 and 12-A, 3-A, 6-A, Reconciliation statement, Form 10-C, Form 10-D, Form 19, Form 20, Form 5-if, and all other forms as per the requirement of the establishment as well members.
  14. Coordinate with PF authorities for better benefits to the employees covered under Scheme
  15. Assistance to Employees in Withdrawals from EPF