We are providing Following Services in Compliances to the Provision of Small Factories (Regulation of Employment & Conditions) Act 2014 (Maharashtra Small factories Rules 2014).

  1. Providing Day to day consultancy for matter pertaining to Small Factories Act 2014
  2. Explain the objectives of the Maharashtra Small factories Rules 2014 & guide about its applicability and benefits.
  3. Submit online application & along with prescribe documents & fees to obtain Certificate of registration & Labour Identification Number (LIN) for the Employer & Establishment
  4. Ensure & Assistance in the Complying the various provision under Small Factories act like
    1. Salary & Wages (include- Payment of Wages, Minimum Wages, Deductions, Non Payment of wages, Wages of Overtime Payment of Bonus)
    2. Normal working Hours (Include- Hours of Work, Overtime, attendance & Late Coming, Absence )
    3. Leave & Holiday Management – Calculation Annual Leave with wages (PL,CL,SL), Maternity Benefits
    4. Social Security Benefits Management- Guidance Provident fund, Health Insurance, Gratuity,
    5. Human Resources Management- Guide- Preparation of Appointment Letter, Joining Formalities, Retrenchment & Termination (Full & Final Settlement),
    6. Register & Records – Preparation & Online Submission of various Registers & Records (Like leave Muster, Attendance Muster)
  5. Preparation & submission of Notice with Factory Inspector as & when required under this act
  6. Ensure & Assistance in complying various provision of the act related safety, Health & Welfare of Worker
  7. Ensuring/assistance in complying various provision of the act related to disclosure, Notices, Displays etc
  8. Preparation & Submission of various forms return & reports from time to time as prescribed under this act
  9. Representing Occupier/Manufactures at the enquires conducted by the Factory Inspector
  10. Replying & stratifying show cause Notices